EHS Worker Disinfecting Hospital Tents
Equipped To Tackle Infestations Across Africa
We deliver the highest quality pest control, both on- and offshore. EHS is a reliable and registered company that specialises in non-toxic disinfection treatments.
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  • Our treatments uplift the standards of health and hygiene

    Enviro Health Solutions delivers the highest quality quality pest control, disinfection and decontamination treatments. READ MORE

    Our flange-like design prevents slipping on mooring lines
    Enviromentally friendly and made with recycled plastic
    Choose from 58 colours
  • Expert Pest Consultation

    Discover tailored pest consultation services for both onshore and offshore environments. Get personalized solutions for a pest-free space that respects nature and health. Start your journey today! ENQUIRE NOW
bed-bug-icon Non-Toxic & Long Lasting
All solutions and products are non-toxic and non-flammable
bed-bug-icon Certified & Registered
We are trusted and reliable
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Sustainable Solutions for Land-Based Protection
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Protecting Vessels and Marine Facilities